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Meditation at Berlin U-Bahn Station

Vinyasa & Yin Yoga classes in Berlin

When the eyes of the body are closed, the eyes of the soul open...

... that's why our classes always start with our eyes closed ;)

Hi there! I'm Adriana, or Adri, as my friends call me. I am a certified 500h Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher with three years of experience teaching and ten practicing.


I am passionate about using the power of Yoga to separate ourselves from our thoughts and effectively evolve and change our lives on and outside the mat. 


I am based in Berlin, where I teach group and individual classes in English, Spanish and German. I love creating dynamic sequences with just the right mix between challenging and relaxing ;)


Some shared experiences



Spanish teacher in Berlin

"Adri is an excellent teacher, her classes are always very well planned and they include an invitation to reflect on our personal situation and our position in the world. Her instruction is highly recommended to cultivate the habit of getting in touch with the body"



Content writer in Buenos Aires

"I started doing yoga a couple of months ago to improve my posture and back pain. Adriana has been a key piece in the process. She is a great teacher, and even though we are in different countries, the classes feel like we are very close"



Architect in Berlin

"Yoga classes with Adriana are wonderful! It is the perfect balance between stretching, strength and a good dose of reflection on life. She listens to the needs of the students and adapts the classes to their requirements and to their different levels of experience. Without a doubt my favorite activity to end the day with!"

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